PewDiePie and Oculus Rift – Got Any Better Combination?



I mean, isn’t he one fabulous creature?

Yes, he is, and that’s why I think we all deserve to see his fabulous usage of Oculus Rift.  He is a huge fan of Oculus Rift,

and even though he hates to play horror games with it, he never stops to entertain us. Well, come on, who can blame him.

The immersion you might get from VR is off the hook. Would make us all watch our back after taking off the headset.


Anyway, here are all the videos, PewDiePie has done with the Oculus Rift for the last year or so.



A For The Awesome

Check out Pewds’s reaction to the first game he ever played with an Oculus Rift:




Have you ever tried playing Slender? If you have, you know how scary it can be. Now multiply the reactions with 10 and you’ll get this:




 Alone in The Rift

If only I could hug a tree, whenever I am scared…. Guess that’s the job devs have to work on
to make it happen. Check out how PewDiePie coped with the fear:



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