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Genre: FPS, Simulation
Maker: South East Games
Release date: 2014/02/06
Download Page: HERE
Game Support: Windows, Mac, Linux, Oculus Rift Support



About Probably Archery

Probably Archery has not only the Oculus Rift support, but has a free slot available for the hand controller named Razer Hydra also (only for Windows at the moment).

The game is pretty straightforward. You use your wrists and elbows to control and shoot your bow. Even though it sound extremely simple, it is far from easy. As the game was inspired by QWOP, you can imagine what obstacles you have to overcome.

In Probably Archery you can do challenges like:

  • Shoot a hangman’s rope
  • Exterminate moving eggs in the air
  • Stop an enemy warrior rushing towards you (Once they get you, game over)
  • Multiplayer mode where you can play with your friends and challenge other players

2nd Pic

Apart from the supports mentioned above, you are able to use a gamepad, even though it may not help you as much due to the nature of the controls.

Probably Archery reviews were unfortunately negative. Even though it may look clunky and a laugh inducing experience, it becomes quite tiresome over some period of time, and the rage it creates within you (when you miss), can seriously make you throw your PC out of the window.


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Probably Archery Gameplay on the Oculus Rift

Credit to jacksepticeye

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