Project Morpheus Lets You Tightrope Walk Between The Twin Towers in VR

Project Morpheus has a new demonstration to show people, and with this one you can walk between twin towers and gracefully crap your pants.

This “Can You Walk The Walk” demo will be demonstrated in 13 different cities starting this month. It was made by Sony and IMAX to promote the upcoming “The Walk” movie which is supposedly coming out on Oct. 9.

NukeTheFridge – the one on the last video – had an opportunity to try out this demo, and according to his words: “The experience was scary, humbling, and simply breathtaking.”

Dwight Caines, Marketing executive at Sony Picture Entertainmnent, said the following: “‘Can You Walk the Walk’ is a thrilling experience.  With Morpheus, now ordinary people can see what it is like to walk between the 140 feet between the World Trade Centers, over 1,300 feet up in the air.  It’s one thing to imagine stepping onto that thin wire and quite another when that’s your entire frame of reference, as only VR can show.

Using these kind of demos to promote movies is not unheard of. Interstellar used the same technique and has been wildly successful in that area. Making these experiences are always interesting, and if you’ll have a chance to try it out, be sure to wear some diapers.

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