Rift Game “Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes” Now Available on Steam

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes is a fun bomb defusal game that has been in the development stage for months now, and is finally available to be downloaded either on Steam, or through Humble Widget.keep talking and nobody explodes

This game is meant to be played with your friends, co-operating together to solve the puzzles on the bomb which only you, the headset wearer, can see. This is where the difficult part kicks in. Since the bomb is ticking constantly, you have a limited time to explain everything you see in front of you. As you wear a headset, you can’t see instructions to defuse or solve puzzles, so it is up to friends to figure out what comes out of your cakehole, and vice versa.keep talking and nobody explodes vr

This game does not feature VOIP, so it would be better if your friends are in the same room, or at least have a Skype connection to communicate. Instructions can be sent to your friends by mail.

As 0:00 comes closer, you do have to pick up the pace or otherwise whole place would blow up. It also doesn’t help that your head might start shaking from trying to explain too fast towards the end ↓.

You can look around with your head, rotate the bomb to whichever direction you want with your DK2, and even look closer to see the serial number at the bottom of the device. This whole defusal will go from you explaining the wire types to describing weird symbols in front of you.

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes is available to download for $14.99 and will be 10% off next week.

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