Some Funny Reactions to People Trying Out VR

Although we may have been playing in virtual reality for quite some time now, it’s easy to forget that most people aren’t used to the immersion that VR provides.

Here are the latest funny reactions to virtual reality:

This clip above has exploded recently on reddit. It shows someones grandmother playing with PSVR a game called Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.

Although I do understand the worry of her getting a heart attack because she is, after all, not as young as we are, but judging by the reactions she did seem to enjoy it and got a hang of it quite fast.


This next clip that also went viral recently features a woman who accidentally grabbed a dog by the wrong end. I laughed at it more than I should have:

One of the complications you might witness in VR is the inability to see around you. This lady right here was so oblivious that as soon as she felt her dog walking next to her, she grabbed her and pulled the dog closer. Little did she know when she went to scratch the dog’s “head” at the end of the video.


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