Teaser For ‘Neos’ Has Been Released – Build Your Own VR World

Slightline developer Tomáš Mariančík (obviously copy pasted), aka Frooxius in Reddit forums, published a little teaser on Youtube where he shows how easy it is to let your imagination go wild in virtual reality.

Here is what’s possible if you have a proper controller for your hands, and not just a keyboard available:

2018 – Removed the dead link.

It is the same developer who brought us Slightline: The Chair and World of Comenius, both of which are very popular amongst VR games.

One of the reason NeosVR: The Universe was made is actually quite simple. Cut of time. Making different virtual environments is not only time consuming from players point of view, but for devs also. Mouse only has that much free movement speed till you hit the plateau. But with 1 extra controller for both hands, and adding to the fact that it’s much more precise, you can do wonders with creating explorable environments without spending a lot of time getting used to Hydra, Leap Motion, Touch, or whatever controller you have or will have in the near future.

Although playing in the world of Neos controllers are recommended, you do have the option to use your mouse.

neos vr the experience

Probably the biggest selling point for Tomáš Mariančík’s (copy pasted again) game is simplicity. Having easy-for-eyes and easy-to-use navigation system is of utmost importance in these kind of applications, and fortunately ‘Neos’ delivers it.

Surroundings are very beautiful in this project, and everything you see can be manipulated to your own viewing pleasure. If you don’t like your sun’s placement, you point your “lightsaber-ish” device towards the sun and drag it to an appropriate place. Everything from lighting to shadows will change accordingly.

neos vr the experience

Although it is an early project, they do plan to add additional features like Social Experience, Identity, and Virtual Money to NeosVR: The Universe game. It basically means that you’ll be able to play it with other players and have its own economy down the line.

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Seeing apps like this, I do get more and more impatient for demos where you can wield your own sword and compete against other players. I feel like Oculus’s Touch and Vive’s Lighthouse are perfect for these kind of games.

2016 can’t come fast enough.

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