The Most Popular VR Clips of Week 1!

Most of these clips were taken from livestreams on Twitch, and then posted on various forums. This week has been super crazy and a lot of fun has been had in various VR games.


1) This one got over 57,000 upvotes on reddit that shows you the possibilities of FPS combat in VR. It has been posted by a guy named Goatmeal66, and on Gfycat site itself it has been viewed over 4,000,000 times.

2) This clip features Pokelawls (also known as Poke) where he acts as a spectator to a talent show in a game called VRChat. Pokelawls has been getting a lot of recognition recently on Twitch that can be attributed to his natural humor and “down-to-earth’ness”. Definitely check him out here.

3) Another hilarious (and a bit explicit) clip from Poke where he gets interrogated by a gang of Hank Hill’s. One wrong answer and these Hank’s here will show you no mercy. It’s also in the game/application called VRChat. Although VRChat has been out for almost a year now, it hasn’t fallen in popularity. In fact, with recent updates and popular streamers streaming this game, it managed to become one of the most viewed game on Twitch (for a period), which says a lot!

4) This one comes from Lirik. Lirik went on a journey in VRChat to find as many ‘knuckles’ characters as possible so he could make a gang of them. One weirdly adorable knuckles decided to draw himself in VR, and upon picking the wrong color for his drawing, Lirik jokingly asked him if he is colorblind. Turns out he was.

Here is this awkward interaction between them:


There are so many funny and awesome VR clips on the internet that I think I will make a weekly compilation of them from this day. Stay tuned!

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