Most Kick-Ass Oculus Rift Roller Coaster Games in 2021

Want to know what are THE best Oculus Rift roller coaster games out there? Maybe download them and show the game to your friends or relatives?

Back in 2013 when I got my first Oculus Rift DK1, I was really impressed by its ability to summon butterflies in my stomach. And that was before I tried roller coaster sims.

However, unless you are seasoned VR users or just into puking, I don’t recommend roller coaster demos as an introduction to VR!

It can deliver emotions to some degree, but things like this may cause VR motion sickness for those who haven’t tried it before.

The thing with these simulators is that when you try them, you get really confused and awed at the same time. In the case of roller coasters, your vision moves, but your body does not.

That sends signals to your brain that you are tripping, and you probably ate something poisonous. It creates that annoying headache that is really not worth it for beginners.

However, if you do it for yourself, and you are seasoned in the ways of VR, let me help you with finding the best roller coaster games. Luckily, with VR attractions being fairly popular, we have a lot to choose from.

I’ll only show you the BEST (in no particular order) that are updated as of February 2021. These RC attractions should work with Oculus Rift CV1 and Rift S!


My List of Best Oculus Rift Roller Coaster Sims!

#9 – Summer Funland

summer funland that has VR attractions

Release date: February 23, 2018

Price: €19.99

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So back to the topic, this one goes into more of a pricey VR category, mainly due to its size. See, it’s not only a roller coaster VR simulator.

You can try out many attractions, starting from roller coaster to slicing up fruits, journey with a cozy submarine in the underwater world with fishes swimming around you, and all other games for you to discover.

I chose this game for the list of the ‘best Oculus Rift roller coaster experiences because of its fun style and smooth rides.

It does have a crisp price, but the size of this Disneyland look-a-like more than makes up for it.


#8 – Motoride Rollercoaster VR

Motoride rollercoaster VR

Release date: July 22, 2020

Price: €3.29

Let’s go with something cheaper this time. Motoride Rollercoaster VR may seem like a brain-dead VR sim that was made just for existence itself, but it’s actually surprisingly well-made.

Although there aren’t many rides to choose from, the worlds are detailed enough.

Just be aware that it does not care whether you are sensitive to VR motion sickness or not – it will not hold back.

Nothing in this game is controllable, apart from menu items. You are just in it for the ride. Compared to many other similar titles, this one may be worth those few bucks that it requires.

It’s worth checking out here:


#7 – Ultimate Booster Experience

Release date: April 16, 2016

Price: €4.99

If you are into shocking yourself, or your guests, this is the attraction to choose.

It’s a fairly known game that’s been out for many years. It has been used in many ‘VR reactions’ YouTube videos and has garnered millions of views with that.


This one is meant to shock your senses. That does not mean it is a bad VR rollercoaster game, it’s just a crazy one.

I won’t spoil what it offers, I’ll just warn you that you want to keep a bucket nearby, just in case.

Don’t eat anything, and for the sake of your environment, don’t play it standing!

Have fun.


#6 – Rollercoaster VR Universe

roller coaster vr experience

Release date: May 15, 2020

Price: €2.39

From time to time, you may just want to experience something new. You also don’t want to wait for your main attraction game.

That is why this game is perfect for that. Rollercoaster VR Universe offers many different worlds where you get to experience dinosaurs, castles, underwater, space, ghost towns, cartoon worlds, and much more.

The best point is that is it very cheap. It’s like buying a DLC for roller coasters.

Try it out here:


#5 – Epic Fun

epic fun roller coaster game for oculus rift

Release date: Nov 6, 2019

Price: Free

I included this game since it is even better than the previous choice, but only in terms of being completely free.

This uses the cartoon style more than any other roller coaster game on this list, so if you prefer something more childish, you can check it out.

I don’t really recommend it as the first choice in getting your VR rollercoaster feet wet, but it’s not half as bad as many people say.

Just keep your expectations low and wallet away from this game.


#4 – Epic Roller Coaster

epic roller coaster front page

Release date: Dec 21, 2017

Price: Free

To continue with the “free” and “epic” trend, we have Epic Roller Coaster up next.

This one is much more detailed than the previous one, although much older as well. Still, as it is free, it’s a good game to try out.

People have been mentioning their frustration with developers adding unnecessary changes, but the core game is still very good. When I tried it out, I had a lot of fun.

Check it here:


#3 – The Marvellous Machine

marvellous machine VR roller coaster game

Release date: Feb 12, 2019

Price: Free

As the description for this game says, “The Marvellous Machine is not a roller coaster ride, it’s a fifteen-minute narrated journey in VR that lets you explore the inner workings of your mind and experience new perspectives.”

Despite you being in a cart that moves on rails, they don’t call it a rollercoaster. Whatever they want to call it, you do get the experience of a free and pleasant ride across different landscapes.

There is not much to tell without spoiling it. You just have to try it out yourself. Since this is also a free game, I can definitely recommend you to try it out.

Keep an open mind with this one:


#2 – Ghost Mountain Roller Coaster

ghost mountain roller coaster for oculus rift review

Release date: Jan 24, 2021

Price: €2.99

This is a straightforward title that does exactly what it says:

You get to have a roller-coaster ride in seemingly abandoned mines inside the ghost mountain.

What I appreciate about this title was their additional focus on the sounds, as compared to other rollercoaster titles for Oculus Rift.

However, as with many other titles, you do not get to interact with anything. It’s only for visual pleasure. Did I get the pleasure?

I did. Despite being only 3 bucks, it’s very detail-oriented, even if a bit short. If there is any roller coaster game that I would recommend to try out for beginners, it would be this one.

It’s not too crazy but still leaves a mark after you reach the end.

You can find it here:


#1 – NoLimits 2

oculus rift roller coaster nolimits 2

This is it. NoLimits 2 was released on Oculus Rift back in 2014 and is considered one of the best roller coaster sims out there by countless people.

It can be played with, and without Oculus Rift.

You start NoLimits 2 by walking towards a roller coaster. There are different scenarios or environments you can try, which some of them are actually made by other people.

You can be in a Lego world that is similar to an attraction site where you choose your fun inducer. If you want, you can ride a roller coaster that simulates the real world with high precision.

While you are riding, you can hear the wind blowing on your face.

If you want to make your own track, you can do so by downloading an editor program. However, this program is not really newbie-friendly. To make your own track, I would suggest looking up some tutorials on YouTube.

NoLimits 2 really has awesome user support that just is incomparable with other VR RC sims. It is reported to have one of the most accurate sense of motion and feel compared to real life.

If you are into roller coaster sims, this one is a must-have and is downloaded by all RC enthusiasts.

Here is a video that shows what happens when you combine Yaw VR and Oculus Rift with NoLimits 2:



As I said before, I wouldn’t advise showing roller coaster demos to your friends or relatives as the first Oculus Rift demo due to a risk of nausea and unpleasantness. The only demo I can safely recommend is NoLimits 2 since it’s really well optimized and user-friendly.

Maybe Ghost Mountain Roller Coaster and Fun Ride as well, now that I think about it.

If you have Minecraft for your Oculus Rift, you can build your own roller coaster track there also. That way you can be the captain now.

If you have any other roller coaster demos that you think deserve to be on this list, leave them down in the comments.


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