Top 3 Kick-Ass Oculus Rift Roller Coaster Games

Want to know what are THE best Oculus Rift roller coaster games out there? Maybe download them and show the game to your friends or relatives?

Back in 2013 when I got my first Oculus Rift DK1, I was really impressed by its ability to summon butterflies in my stomach. And that was before I tried roller coaster sims. However, I wouldn’t recommend people to use roller coaster demos as an introduction to VR. It can deliver emotions to some degree but things like this may cause VR motion sickness for those who haven’t tried it before.

The thing with these simulators is that when you try it, you get really confused and awed at the same time. For example, when the train starts to drop from a high place, your body expects a real movement and downfall, but everything stays the same. Either way, you do get that tingling feel every time it speeds down.

To get the best experience, you need to know the best roller coaster games. Luckily, with VR getting so popular, we have a lot to choose from. Nevertheless, I decided to show you only the TOP 3 that are updated as of September 2015. Note that with some demos you will have to downgrade your Oculus Rift drivers to pre-0.6.0.


Here is My List of Best Oculus Rift Roller Coaster Sims!

3. Lava Inc.
oculus rift roller coaster lava inc

Lava Inc. is short, but a fantastic game that delivers you a roller coaster ride in which you can control your own speed by leaning forwards or backward.

This rollercoaster is located somewhere deep underground where the company called ‘Lava Inc’ refines lava. As the company is closed during the weekends, workers decide to create their own fun.

You will be coasting through various rooms that look good all together. As was mentioned above, you can control your speed and even stop completely to admire the view.

Track parts have different colors, and each color has its own role. When the color is blue, you are able to limit how fast you go, but when the color green pops up, everything is done automatically.

The frame rate of Lava Inc. is really good, and if you run with a fairly decent VR PC setup, I don’t see any problems that should come up regarding the lag. However, some DK2 users have reported VR motion sickness during fast speed riding. This game actually does have some very sharp turns, and when you are going at them at full speed, your nausea tolerance truly is tested.

Get it here.


2.  UE4 Coaster

oculus rift roller coaster ue4 coaster

Let me be completely honest. I am a graphics bitch. I really like good-looking games, and when they look absolutely amazing, I oftentimes overlook other little nagging points within games.

And UE4 Coaster is exactly that. I wouldn’t call it the best Oculus Rift rollercoaster simulator from the “riding” point of view, but from the “visual” point of view, it definitely has no competition.

This is one of the crispest RC, if not of all the Oculus Rift games out there. This game is, as the title suggests, an Unreal Engine 4 based, so expecting a high graphical fidelity from it is absolutely normal.

The texture itself is in every material and it’s just stunning and gorgeous. Reflections are seen everywhere. The most amazing thing is that there is no lag or latency. Everything runs super smooth with a decent VR setup, and fps doesn’t drop, even when you look around really fast.

Get it here.


1. NoLimits 2

oculus rift roller coaster nolimits 2

This is it. NoLimits 2 was released on Oculus Rift not long ago and is considered one of the best roller coaster sims out there by countless people. It can be played with, and without Oculus Rift.

You start NoLimits 2 by walking towards a roller coaster. There are different scenarios or environments you can try, which some of them are actually made by other people. You can be in a Lego world that is similar to attraction site where you choose your fun inducer. If you want, you can ride a roller coaster that simulates real world with high precision. While you are riding, you can “hear” (who knows, maybe soon ‘feel’) wind blowing in your face.


If you want to make your own track, you can do so by downloading an editor program. However, this program is not really noob friendly. To make your own track, I would suggest looking up some tutorials on Youtube.

NoLimits 2 really has an awesome user support that just is incomparable with other VR RC sims. It is reported to have one of the most accurate sense of motion and feel compared to real life.

If you are into roller coaster sims, this one is a must have and is downloaded by all RC enthusiasts.

Here is a video that shows what happens when you combine 3DOF Motion Simulator and Oculus Rift with NoLimits 2.

Get it here.


Worth Mentioning

As I said before, I wouldn’t advise showing roller coaster demos to your friends or relatives as the first Rift demo due to a risk of nausea and unpleasantness. The only demo I can safely recommend is NoLimits 2 since it’s really well optimized and is user-friendly.

If you have Minecraft for your Oculus Rift, you can build your own roller coaster track there also. You have a lot of options actually. Other games noteworthy RC sims are Riftcoaster HD, Helix, or VRcoaster (although the last one is for mobile VR headsets).

The other attraction I truly really really like CyberSpace. Watching just the clip below

(Update 2018: Removed the dead link)

makes my stomach all tingly. Should you show THIS one to others as an introduction to VR? Sadly no. I will make a separate article regarding the best introductionary VR demos that you should show to people but, demos like this are not recommended not only by me but by other VR dudes around the globe also. And it doesn’t matter what you see on Youtube. When they scream their lungs out during the recording – I am looking at you, parents – it’s because they are typical parents.

But as one time demos, RC’s are really good. Give them a try!

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