Top 5 “Memorable” Oculus Rift Anime Games to Play Right Now!

I was thinking about making a list of Top 5 best Oculus Rift anime games, but it is so… impossible to do considering the fact that the weirdness vibe just kicks in every 10 seconds. I mean, how can you even rate the games when in one demo you see a girl stepping on your face, and in the other you are a food for Miku? Do we discuss how well this anime game executed their animations? How good the textures are compared to other games? Nope, only way I can rate one is how well one manages to find a spot in your memory. So don’t take this particular “Top 5” too seriously.

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I have to mention though that most of these are short, and are just for the experience. Oculus Rift anime games have not been made with length in mind. And still, even though there aren’t many VR headsets in Japan, it has not stopped the developers from that country to make quite a few demos, never mind how weird they may be.

Here is Riftinfo’s list of anime games that you will not forget in a while:


Fantasy Night

Oculus Rift

Alright, I told you I am not going to judge the game by its appearance, but it is one of the only Oculus Rift anime demos that is worth including on the list just by how beautiful it looks. It is a short tour that demonstrates what you can do with the character models.

Fantasy Night demo is located on the surface of the water where you can use your WASD keys to move around and experience the beautiful scenery while the fireworks are all around you. 3D modelling is very well done, water is absolutely awesome to look at, and the background music is very fairytale-ish.




Oculus Rift

I am sorry, ok? It is just one of those games that don’t escape your mind as easily as you would like.

Game is pretty simple though. Lick a boot. Like, literally. You will be lying down on the ground, and a girl hentai anime character will be looking down on you, and raising one of her legs and stepping on your face. What is up with the submissive roles and anime?

I don’t want to get deep into that conversation as its a VR site, but it is an anime game that I found hilarious and memorable, so it is worth at least mentioning.



Little Witch Pie Delivery

Oculus Rift

This is one of the anime games for Oculus Rift that has more gameplay to it.

Get up, find a broomstick, shove it between your legs, and act as if you are a Harry Potter, trying to catch a snitch while some weird floating gems are on your way. Graphically, I would not say that it looks good. But it is a fun anime game nonetheless. It works best if you have a smartphone with a gyroscope in it, so you get a better VR simulation. You know the VR is big when the broomstick come into play.



Oculus Rift MMD Demo

Oculus Rift

Don’t you hate, when you are having a good time with your friends, dancing with the girls, and suddenly a wild naked man appears behind your back?

This anime Demo is located somewhere in club where you dance with 2 beautiful girls ( in front of you) and when you decide to look behind, you see a naked dude, just going with the flow while the 😀 is on his face. Every time I look at him I can’t stop grinning. Music in the background in on the loop, and is very catchy, so if you decide to never meet your fate behind you back, feel free to enjoy the song and time with the girls for as long as you want.


Miku POV Vore animation

Oculus Rift

This one is weird (and a bit NSFW). Trust me. But when is something in anime normal?

I can’t really name this a game, since it is just a short video, but it feels as if you are in the “game”. Have you ever heard of Vorarephilia? It is a fetish where you get aroused when you are consumed by another gender. Can it get any weirder than that?  As far as I understood, your role in this video is to be a food. An anime character will be looking at you, playing with you, licking you, and then in the end, eating you. Have fun!

To play this demo you have to download an Oculus Video Player, and then download the clip.


There are definitely more demos overall coming from places like the US, Canada, and Europe, certainly lots of creative ones, but the large number of Japanese demos is very impressive considering the relatively small number of DK1s we shipped there.

These are the words from Palmer Luckey in reddit, and it is true. There are definitely more demos from outside the Japan. But as the VR progresses, and the major VR headsets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Project Morpheus will released (between this year’s end and the next), we will see a big boom in the quality, and the quantity of various kinds of genres that the VR will present us, including anime.

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  1. I saw this, and while it intrigued me, I would like to point out that there is a bit more to vorarephilia than is mentioned.
    the way it is summarized, it would sound like I want only girls to eat me. and that everyone with vorarephilia wants to be eaten, not doing the eating.
    as much as I’d like that, I’d settle for any gender, and that’s only my side on vore.

    a reasonable explanation of vore would be something like, ‘a fetish that focuses on eating, or being eaten by, people or other [organisms]’

    there certainly is a lot out there in VR! who knows what they’ll come up with next?

  2. A couple of reputable studios who produce polished anime games and VR content are Illusion Software and KISS. About the most polished anime title around for VR is Custom Maid 3D. Anyone interested in discovering anime games about the best place out there is the Hongfire forums which also provide hundreds of fan made english translation patches.

    It’s also noteworthy there are many more interesting treasures to be found within the various Oculus reddits. With so many maya 3d models and animation scripts available on DeviantArt, it makes it very simple (talking within 10 minutes here) to toss together Miku Miku MMD dance routines (which finished demos can be found by the hundreds online ready to go).

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