UE4 Architecture Released a New Video Showcasing a Riviera House

UE4Arch released a video showing a Unreal Engine 4 powered house that also has a VR headset support.

UE4Arch is a company that focuses on creating photorealistic places which you can change to your own liking. Due to being run by UE4, it has unbelievable precision and realism compared to real world.

ue4arch vr (2)

What is quite impressive is that even though it looks amazing and detail level is off the roof, it manages to give you 75 fps while connected to Oculus Rift. For that, of course, you need to be equipped with at least GTX 970 and have an I5 processor.

Moving around the house can be done by choosing a room and using your WASD keys. Joystick support is also included. With your VR headset you can have a close look at the material and see its details. If you see that mouse icon appears when looking at something, right-click on it to change the color or the material of the chosen model.

ue4arch vr (3)

The price is not cheap for your piggy bank. Houses, apartments, furniture and models may vary from $15 to $275.

According to UE4Arch, their goal is to help the growth and development of realtime archviz community with examples, tutorials and content.