Virtual Reality visits “Ghosts of Hogwarts”

Genre: Exploration

Maker: Greg Dav
Release date: 03/25/2015
Download Page: HERE
Game Support: Windows, Oculus Rift DK1, DK2
Oculus Share Rating: 4.2 / 5



About Ghosts of Hogwarts

“Well, 10 points for Griffindor”! Ghosts of Hogwarts allows you to revisit the memories of all the Harry Potter movies by allowing you to explore the castle with your Oculus Rift while giving you voiced flashbacks. You will hear Dumbledore acting like a typical Dumbledore, crazy Professor Sybill using her demonic voice when telling a prophecy, Severus Snape saying his usual stuff to Harry Potter, and you’ll hear Voldemort, whispering in your ear at the right time (and by right I mean when you wish you wouldn’t hear anything).

I basically grew up with Harry Potter books, alongside with movies. I remember myself reading all the Harry Potter books in my bed. I was not allowed to have a light on during the night, so I went under the blanket, turned on the flashlight that was on my Nokia phone, and read every page with huge interest. I must have reread all the books at least 7 times. Although the movies didn’t influence me as much, the songs and melodies were haunting me (in a good way) for a long time. And Ghosts of Hogwarts allowed me to go back in time.

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As soon as you get into game, you are in a cozy room by a fireplace, listening to a strange melody which I think I’ve never heard before. You hear thunder outside, and suddenly you are glad you are inside, even though some elements of creepiness start to kick in. As you walk past the Gryffindors secret door, and by that I mean the painting, you get a flashback (voice) from the first Harry Potter movie where a Fat Lady asks for a password from the students.

All this game is basically centered around the Grand Staircase. You start from the top, and you slowly progress downhill while exploring different passages and doors that are open. Many times I found myself walking in one direction and then suddenly turning back since I thought I was progressing towards the end, although I just wanted to explore every tiny corner of the castle. When I found out that there is no end in either way, I used a left-hand rule by just turning left all the time. Even though the place is still memorable and you actually can’t get lost, there may have been some places I would not have found if not for looking and going everywhere. This can become extra useful when you are in a staircase looking around since those stairs are quite successful at confusing you.

oculus rift fpv (2)

Walking down the hallway can become quite eery from time to time, especially when you hear specific things whispered in your ear. There are some moments when you are amused, moments when you walk past the paintings, and you hear them sleeping. One painting in particular was snoring so hard, and with such “detail”, I had to turn down my volume a bit.

There aren’t many problems with the game, it is pretty simple and interesting at the same time. I have to warn you though that when you find a painting, or a door that is closed, and you can just walk through them, don’t think that you found super duper secret passage to some kind of a hidden egg. Most likely you’ll fall through map and you are going to have to start all over again. Luckily, if it happens, you can just press enter and you’ll be back in the beginning, so you don’t have to restart the game.

If you are in any way or shape of form familiar with Harry Potter lore, feel free to download this game. It gave me a pleasant experience, and since there aren’t many things you can interact with (except illuminating your surroundings by using the “Lumos” spell), it can’t mess up your exploring session.



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  1. Id really like to play this , is there a way that it will work for rift S ?
    I’ve tried and tried the unity package but Im getting errors what ever I attempt.

    Thank you in advance !

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