Want to play all Rift Games Without Uninstalling Latest Runtime? There is a Fix…

From time to time there are some problems that need to be figured out. When Oculus Rift  0.7 Runtime was released, developers said the following:

  • Applications built against SDKs prior to 0.6 will not work with the 0.7 runtime. Developers should recompile their applications using the 0.7 SDK.

That created a lot of headache for users, and for game devs. Some games have updated their software, some games haven’t. To remove the hassle of uninstall/install, or dual booting a system, callezetterLazyDodo, Cinefreak, and NeoZeroo worked a bit on batch files to make the runtime switch as seamless as possible.

*UPDATE (27.11.2015)

Now there is even an easier way to do it:

  1. Download the switch from MEGA
  2. Extract the ZIP file to where you keep your Oculus stuff for safe keeping.
  3. Copy the “Oculus_500” folder and set the copy into C:\Program Files (x86)
  4. Copy the LibOVRRT64_0_5.dll file and paste it into C:\Windows\System32
  5. Copy the other LibOVRRT64_0_5.dll file and paste it into C:\Windows\SysWOW64
  6. Right click the SDK05 file and run as adiministrator.
  7. Change Rift Display Mode to Extended!

Credit to reddit thread starter and to SnakeyesX!



1) Uninstall 0.7

2) Install 0.6

3) Copy the contents of C:\program files (x86)\Oculus somewhere safe

4) Uninstall 0.6, reinstall 0.7

5) Get a Copy of pstools [edit: /u/NeoZeroo posted a version without the need for pstools here ]

6) make a file 0600.cmd

net stop OVRService
"C:\program files (x86)\Oculus\Tools\DirectDisplayConfig.exe" off
c:\tools\pstools\pskill OculusConfigUtil
c:\tools\pstools\psexec -d Oculus_0600\Service\OVRServer_x64.exe
c:\tools\pstools\psexec -d Oculus_0600\Tools\OculusConfigUtil.exe

7) make a file 0700.cmd

c:\tools\pstools\pskill OculusConfigUtil
c:\tools\pstools\pskill OVRServer_x64
"C:\program files (x86)\Oculus\Tools\DirectDisplayConfig.exe" on
net start OVRService
c:\tools\pstools\psexec -d "C:\program files (x86)\Oculus\Tools\OculusConfigUtil.exe"

8) Right click and run as administrator the batchfile off your choice and off you go!

Keep in mind that you might need to change Nvidia drivers back to 350.12, since on Win 10 newer drivers use WDDM 2.0 driver model, and 0.6 runtime Doesn’t work well with it.


Since this all is quite techy, you might want to check the original reddit posts to get some clarification. Good luck!

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