will oculus rift work with xbox one

Will Oculus Rift Work With Xbox One? Yes, BUT…

Will Oculus Rift Work With Xbox One?

That’s actually quite a popular topic, but there is a bit of confusion as to what works and what doesn’t. Let me break it down.

Yes, you can use Oculus Rift and play all the Xbox One games.

No, it will not be like on PC where you are literally in the game.

By that I mean, there is an app that Xbox developed for Oculus that lets you connect your Rift, PC and Xbox One together that share the same network, and then play it. But it will be like playing a game in the cinema. You would put on the headset, and you have 3 different surroundings to choose from. In this surrounding, you have a huge screen that basically plays all the Xbox One games.will oculus rift work with xbox oneDo I like it? No, I absolutely hate it, it’s quite stupid apart from specific tasks.

I’ll give you my specific thoughts on it in a second, but before, let me tell you how to install it (which is also quite a horrible experience). Windows 10 is required:

  1. First of all, enable the game streaming by going into Settings > Preferences and then check the “Allow game streaming to other devices.”
  2. Plug in the Xbox One Controller.
  3. Will Oculus Rift Work With Xbox One streamingGo to Oculus App Store and find “Xbox One Streaming“. Download and install it. For quite many people, it doesn’t even work properly since it stops either at the beginning of the install process or somewhere in the middle. If it installs properly for you, consider yourself lucky.
  4. Make sure that your Xbox One is turned on and on the same network as PC and Rift. Ethernet cable works best for that.
  5. Turn on the “Xbox Streaming app”.
  6. Choose what surrounding you want.
  7. Choose the Xbox game.
  8. Play!


My Thoughts on Xbox Streaming

I understand, Xbox had to somehow connect themselves to virtual reality, and what better way to do it than by watching a huge TV inside the virtual reality that streams your Xbox game, right?


There is a slight inception going on, and because of that, I don’t really see a huge point in this program.

Xbox One Streaming to Oculus Rift

make gaming GIFs like this at MakeaGif

Yes, you can use it for size enhancement, but for regular people who already have a decent monitor, it’s quite useless. I only recommend “Xbox Streaming” to people who have a small monitor, or a monitor so bad that it’s better to watch the screen through Oculus Rift. It might also be useful for those who have a lot of distraction around them.

will oculus rift work with xbox one bigscreen betaEven then, I’d say there are better programs for streaming Xbox games. My personal recommendation would be “Bigscreen Beta“(free download) that allows you to stream all console games and watch all the movies in VR with better image quality and crispiness, as well as do everything mentioned above with your friends inside the same virtual room.

Yes, you can do stuff on Xbox Streaming like change your scenery or adjust the curviness, size, the distance of your display, but all of these things can be done on Bigscreen Beta also.

I am actually a bit ashamed they did such a horrible work or at least left it unfinished considering how big of a company they are.



Will Oculus Rift and Xbox ever work together like PS VR?

That’s the main question, right? What is taking them so long? In 2016, people actually expected that Xbox One “X” version would support Oculus Rift, especially considering that Oculus Rift literally comes with an Xbox controller.

That merge would have been perfect.

Here is what Phil Spencer – head of Xbox – said in 2015:

will oculus rift work with xbox one phil spencer“When we were working on Windows 10, we decided to go out and talk to the different people who were building these great VR experiences — Valve, all these guys — and see what we can do in Windows 10 to make this the best possible platform for VR. We’ve been taking that feedback and all that is in our road map for Windows 10. That’s been helpful.”

In that same interview, he was actually talking about streaming Xbox games to Oculus Rift, but he didn’t make any mentions of creating a personal VR headset or allowing Oculus Rift to play Xbox games (like vorpx allows to play regular games in VR).

Here is what Phil Spencer – head of Xbox said in 2016:

“I hope Sony has success with what they’re trying to do because I think it’s good for our industry as innovations like VR take off. But for me, and where we are with Xbox, my bet is putting the development tools in the hands of literally millions of people who can go on Windows and start building their own VR experiences is likely to lead to faster content innovation than a closed ecosystem would.”

To summarize, he basically confirms that he wants to focus on Windows side and make Windows 10 the best platform for VR gaming.

Here is what Phil Spencer – head of Xbox said in 2017:

I love what we’re all try to go to. Actually the teams share a lot of learning—we’ve had the Sony team up,
they’ve seen what we’re doing with HoloLens, we talk to the Valve guys all the time.
I don’t think this is a time for us to be competitive in this space,
it’s a time for us to share our learnings and try to get better,
because the market is years away, but we want to be ready for it”.

This is the first time he mentions of competition. Despite an enormous success of PS VR, he doesn’t think that VR is yet ready for everyone.will oculus rift work with xbox one hololensMicrosoft is focusing on mixed reality though, and despite the negative reviews of Hololens, they still believe it to be the future.

If we talk about the power, then Xbox definitely has what it takes to run VR, so there are no problems there. The only problem for them is where they allocate resources. At the moment, it’s either the software side or mixed reality.

But what will Phil Spencer say in E3 2018 that is just a few weeks away?

Will they announce something juicy in terms of VR? Till this moment, Phil has been rather evasive when VR gets mentioned, so we’ll see what they have up their sleeves. Maybe they’ll surprise us and say they have been working on something!

I’ll be following E3 closely this year and I will update this article as soon as there is some new information on Xbox One, and if it will work with Oculus Rift.


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