Youtube Videos Now Playable on Gear VR!

Samsung announced a new web browser designed specifically for Gear VR that allows you to watch and browse internet content without needing to download it to your phone.

I actually got this news yesterday when I was writing a review for Gear VR. I was bashing on Gear VR in full gear for not having an easy way to watch Youtube 360 degree and 3D videos.

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Then, while I was doing some research, this news outlet from Samsung popped up, making me update my article.gear vr internet video

It’s a really good news for Gear VR owners, as Youtube has one of the biggest library of VR content. Getting access to it is like finding a goldmine. Youtube alone is worth installing “Samsung Internet for Gear VR”, so if we add other mentioned options like “stream any HTML5 video from the web, have an installed voice recognition, and Gaze Mode (select menus by simply gazing at it ), this VR internet browser is a lifesaver.

People have said it works fantastically, even po… well, you-know-what can be seen in 3D. Guess that’s a plus in every book.

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